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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Hey, fellow bloggers! I have a huge favor to ask of you. I’m doing a project for a class my school requires called senior seminar. In this class, students work all semester to prepare a project that will be presented in front of a panel of people and, often, many others. For my topic, I chose to do how social media impacts trends, specifically blogging. I’m not going to lie, this project is pushing me so far outside of my comfort zone by forcing my to join my online presence with my small-town high school. Basically, one of my visuals is a video of bloggers saying what makes them a trendsetter, and I’m still shy of the time I need. What I need is people to film short videos of themselves saying what makes them a trendsetter. I know, the word trendsetter is a little intimidating. If you don’t think you fulfill it then say that. In my opinion, all bloggers are a trendsetter in some way. Whether it’s just sharing the trends you like or encouraging other girls to dress the way they want, you could take this video is so many ways. I will write the name of your blog on the video, but you are free to share a little about yourself. If you are able to film a video please send it to me at This video does not need to be an edited, high-quality video. You could literally film it on the camera on your MacBook or the front camera of your iPhone. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thanks girls!


Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

IMG_2Topshop Sweatshirt, Topshop Black Jeans, Asos Chelsea Boots.

One of my favorite things about fall clothing is the texture. Recently I have loved the look of ribbed pieces. It is still texture, but it gives the usual cable-knit a break. I found this sweater while I was in Chicago, and I have already gotten so much wear out of it. I paired it with my staple black jeans that seem to go with every outfit. On my feet I wore my absolute favorite black chelsea boots. This outfit is definitely very simple, but it is one of my go-to’s for this season.



A New Addition.

Monday, October 20th, 2014

IMG_41692Topshop Jacket.

While I was in Chicago this weekend, I was on a hunt for the perfect jacket. It’s that time of year around here that I definitely need a jacket, but I’m not ready to bring out a huge winter coat. I saw this one in Topshop, and I fell in love with it. It’s thick enough to keep me warm, but thin enough to add lots of layers underneath. I absolutely love the color and the fit is perfect. If you are looking for the perfect jacket this fall, definitely check out this one.


Getting Cozy.

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

IMG_4031Thrifted Knit Sweater, Asos Jeans, Steve Madden Booties.

   It’s finally that time of year where I love the outfits I wear, but I struggle to create blog posts about them as it is about 40 degrees outside. This outfit is one of my favorites. My closet is stockpiled with cable-knit sweaters similar to this one, as they are an  necessity. I styled it with one of my absolute favorite jeans. These are my first pair of Asos jeans, and I adore them. I’ve never been an “I’m going to pay an extra $30 to buy jeans with holes in them” kind of girl, but I love the look of torn knees recently. Finally, if you’ve been on my Instagram recently, I’m sure you will have seen these amazing black booties. They are perfect.

   I also wanted to add very quickly that I am doing a senior project as a graduation requirement at my high school. We get to pick any topic, and I chose to do mine on social media’s influence on trends and, specifically, personal style blogging. It’s a pretty big deal to me that I am doing this, as I have yet to inform any of my peers of this little online existence. I just wanted to let you know that I need your help. One of my visuals is a video of bloggers saying what makes them a trendsetter. I have received several of these about 30 second videos and am still looking for more. If you are looking to spread your blog to the student body of a little, rural high school, send a video to Thank you!



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