A City View.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


H&M T-Shirt Dress, White Converse, Asos Backpack.

If you keep up with my Instagram, you would be well aware of the venture I took with my mom and sisters to New York City last weekend. I’ve been to the city a few times before, but I fall in love with it a little more each time. My go-to style over the weekend was variations this outfit: a comfy t-shirt dress and some Converse. I also brought my favorite backpack around the city, though it seems to have reached the end of its life after being brought on most of my trips over the past few months. This ensemble was perfect for exploring the city, while battling the summer heat.



An update.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

insta2Some recents on Instagram, see more @lindstollefson.

Hey, there! Today I’m feeling quite compelled to write something more personal, so I guess I’ll provide you with an explanation for my struggling posting schedule and less than stellar quality of some past posts.

In my last post I mentioned that I had stubbled across a blogger’s block (which may or may not be an actual thing). I’ve spent most of the past few weeks pining over the quality I want my content to reach and the unlikelihood that that could be attained. And with my perfectionist-like tendencies, I couldn’t bring myself to post content that wasn’t up to my standard. I think every blogger goes through something similar to this at some point though. If you’re going through this now or at some time during your blogging career, just remember to derive inspiration from other blogs, rather than trying duplicate what other successful bloggers have created. And with so many bloggers present on the internet, it’s hard not to create posts that are slightly too inspired by others. Keep in mind that each blogger has their own strengths to create their own, individualized content. After taking a little break and recruiting a new blog photographer (my lovely sister), I’m regaining the jittery, new blogger excitement.

Speaking of being a new blogger, this month it’ll be two years since I was one of those. And that’s insane. Blouses and Blush was once the outlet of my 16 year-old, junior in high school self, and now it’s developed into much more. And I get to carry this little place online to college with me in the next month or so. One of the best parts of blogging, I’ve discovered over these two years, is that I have the freedom to share whatever my heart desires on here. I’m excited to be able to cater my blog to my college life and create my own online journal of sorts. I’m hoping to post as many outfit posts as possible, but I won’t really know how possible that is until I’m there. I’m also hoping to be able to write really whatever I want, whether it be updates similar to this or a rant about a recent experience. But I’m excited to see how being in a new environment adds to Blouses and Blush.

And, with that, thank you so very much for your support, and I’ll talk to you again in my next post.


Back to Blogging.

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

IMG_4849-1 copy

Topshop T-Shirt, Topshop Jamie Jeans, H&M Sandals, Asos Backpack.

I know, it’s about time. It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on here. I guess you could say I’ve had blogger’s block, which might require a whole post for itself. But today I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits, and I think this one look completely emanates my personal style. I love the look of these ripped, black jeans, and pairing them with a white tee and black sandals creates such a simple, casual ensemble. And this backpack. I lugged this thing around Disney World over spring break, so it’s definitely not in its best shape, but I’ll use this thing until the day it completely falls apart. And I think it completed this outfit perfectly. A shoutout to my lovely sister (@laurtollefson) for taking pictures of me.


IMG_0872comboIMG_4858IMG_4871 copy

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